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How do share CFDs work?

The stock or equity market reflects official market prices and allows investors to open positions instantly without owning the underlying security. Traders access global stock exchanges from Diamondtradeoptions and MetaTrader 5 and they can go short and long, benefiting from the leverage.

Trade Derivatives on the shares of some of the world’s largest and well-known companies such as Apple, Amazon and Facebook.


Advantages of trading Derivatives on shares with Diamondtradeoptions Markets


Low spreads

Fast execution

Strong liquidity

Competitive commission

Shares Contract Specifications

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  1. Refer to the Rollover Policy for more details regarding the Swap values calculation methodology.
  2. Server Times: Winter: GMT+2 and Summer: GMT+3 (DST) (last Sunday of March and ends last Sunday of October).
  3. Commission charge of 0.1% is applied.
  4. Maximum trade size is 5,000 shares.
  5. All Pending Orders will be force closed during market breaks. In case any order is left pending, it will be automatically deleted after the daily market closure time.

Calculating Shares Margin Requirements - Example

Account base currency: USD
Position: Open 5 lots BUY Netflix Share at 328.36
1 Lot size: 100 shares
Leverage limit: 1:5

Notional value is: 5 * 100 * 328.36 = 164,180 USD
Margin required is: 164,180 USD / 5 = 32,836 USD